One Account or Two - Customer Service and Social Media

Working in the airline industry, airline related analytics are naturally of interest to me. I bumped in a slideshare presentation from SimpliFlying, an airline brand strategy firm, regarding various airline social media successes. The Delta Airlines example caught my eye. Delta has a special twitter account, @DeltaAssist, dedicated to listening and responding to customers. The goal metric mentioned is customer service, though it is not clear how they measure it. I’m curious if they use any text analytics for either detecting issues to assist with, or for measuring their customer service performance (sentiment). It certainly seems like a good fit.

I found a SimplyMeasured article that talks about customer service via twitter and happens to use Delta as an example:

Interestingly, the above mentioned article seems to endorse the use of a separate twitter account for customer service specific interactions. They also discuss % of mentions with replies, response time in minutes and other scalability measures.

Here is the original presentation from SimpliFlying:

While researching this example, I found this article guiding readers on how to use DeltaAssist to help with flight issues:

Unfortunately, it looks like DeltaAssist is being merged into the @Delta twitter account as of April of this year. To me, that has pros and cons which I guess Delta has weighed. A possible benefit is centralizing under a single Delta twitter account. But it seems the DeltaAssist account has gained a bit of brand recognition on its own, and migrating away from the apparently well-known endpoint may cause confusion among customers. Additionally, as mentioned in the SimplyMeasured article, this could result in less visibility to customer service specific measures. We’ll see if their customer service levels remain as strong during and after this transition.


Daniel (@dwdii)