Julia Studio ERROR type UnitRange has no field len

Are you getting flacky behavior from Julia Studio? I did. I’m on Windows 8.1 and every time I tried to run a jl script it either would do nothing, or I would get the error in the title of this post (and maybe the script would run). If I reset the console via the Tools > Julia > Reset Console menu item I could usually get another execution out of the debugger. The Julia Studio Console didn’t seem to work with REPL commands either.

It looks like there is a bug in the ConsoleLogic.jl script that comes with Julia Studio 0.4.5. I seem to have fixed my issue by editing the ConsoleLogic.jl script on line 210 to change range.len to be range.length length(range). Apparently the correct property is length approach is a method call (not len property).

See the following link under the General Collections header for the documenation: http://julia.readthedocs.org/en/latest/stdlib/base/

I have not found a blog or stackoverflow article on this yet so I thought I would share my experience.

I had to run Notepad as administrator in order to edit the ConsoleLogic.jl since it resides in the Program Files area. You can do this by clicking the Start button > typing Notepad (don’t push enter) > right click on the Notepad search result > select Run as administrator. Then browse to the ConsoleLogic.jl file. My was under C:\Program Files\JuliaStudio-0.4.5\julia-studio\share\julia-studio\Console\ConsoleLogic.jl but the error message in Julia Studio will tell you where yours is.

ERROR: type UnitRange has no field len 
 in on_complete_msg at C:\Program Files\JuliaStudio-0.4.5\julia-studio\share\julia-studio\Console\ConsoleLogic.jl:210
 in handle_input at C:\Program Files\JuliaStudio-0.4.5\julia-studio\share\julia-studio\Console\ConsoleLogic.jl:229
 in anonymous at C:\Program Files\JuliaStudio-0.4.5\julia-studio\share\julia-studio\Console\ConsoleLogic.jl:246
 in handle_pending_events at C:\Program Files\JuliaStudio-0.4.5\julia-studio\share\julia-studio\juliet\src\modules/event/event.jl:84
 in update at C:\Program Files\JuliaStudio-0.4.5\julia-studio\share\julia-studio\juliet\src\modules/event/event.jl:59
 in event_loop at C:\Program Files\JuliaStudio-0.4.5\julia-studio\share\julia-studio\juliet\src\modules/event/event.jl:72
 in run at C:\Program Files\JuliaStudio-0.4.5\julia-studio\share\julia-studio\juliet\src\juliet-engine.jl:48
 in include at boot.jl:245
 in include_from_node1 at loading.jl:128
 in process_options at client.jl:285
 in _start at client.jl:354
while loading C:\Program Files\JuliaStudio-0.4.5\julia-studio\share\julia-studio\Console\Console.jl, in expression starting on line 21


Daniel (@dwdii)