Book Review - R for Everyone

I recently started reading the book R for Everyone: Advanced Analytics and Graphics by Jared Lander. Although I haven’t finished reading the book yet, I’ve read enough to have developed an initial reaction that I thought I would share.

The title is fitting. R for Everyone seems to me to be very accessible. The first couple of chapters are all about helping the reader get an R environment setup on his or her computer, including an integrated development environment (IDE). Literally on page one, Jared offers his audience information on where to find the R runtime and then walks through the installation and setup for both Windows and Mac. This might seem like overkill to more advanced readers, but it is quite useful to those less technical.

I particularlly like the use of RStudio as the IDE. As a newbie to R, I had no idea that such a full-featured IDE existed for R, but as someone coming from a Microsoft Visual Studio background, I greatly appreciate some of the features including the project stucture, version control integration with Git and the breakpoint debugging functionality.

Some articles and links I found useful:


Daniel (@dwdii)